Molecular Diagnostics – (MDx)

Gold Standard

Gold Standard across the globe for Early, Highly specific and sensitive detection of Diseases.
There are multiple platforms in Molecular Diagnostics for detection Eg. FiSH, Gel PCR, IsoThermal PCR, Microarray, RT PCR Etc.

RT-PCR Detection

Most preferred, sensitive and specific technique amongst all.
Only solution available to check performance of diagnosis by quantitating infectious agent.
Even in RT PCR based detection Fluorescent labeled Hydrolysis Probe is most specific, sensitive and reliable technique

RT-PCR Technology

All Major Global outbreaks - Swine Flu, Zika, Ebola etc. the world exclusively relied on RT PCR for its confidence on technology though costly. In future all the disease detection and prognosis will rely on MDx. The trend has already been in well swing & is mandatory in developed world since last decades.

Innovation from Mylab – In Extraction Process

Magnetic Bead Technology

Mylab’s has come up with Proprietary process for the isolation of viral / Pathogen / Genomic Nucleic acid using Magnetic Bead technology, yielding high concentration of l nucleic acid for more sensitive detection.

Automatable Solution

The technology can be used as standalone (manually) at the same time can be integrated with Automated platform for
- Highest sensitivity
- Highest Specificity
Making it matching or better than any existing commercial kit

Unique Formulation

Proteinase K required for protein lysis is reconstituted in unique organic solvent to enhance its activity and thus can be used at low concentration. Further less concentration of Proteinase K reduces the product cost. The solvent is prepared in such a way that the enzyme is stable at even room temperature making the product more robust.

Innovation from Mylab – In Run Process

Multiplexing Capability

Mylab’s Unique formulation of Multiplex compatible Enzyme and Multiplex primer probe detection mix makes the process
- Easy
- Fasty
- Cost Effective

Single Tube Run

Unique sequences of Oligos (primers) and Fluorescent oligos (probes) to be used in a method of enhancing detection capacity in a Single Real Time PCR reaction.
Cost effective solution where only one single reaction will detect multiple diseases

Unique Formulation

RT and Taq polymerase in optimized buffer component in such a way that 50ul of PCR reaction gives similal/better results with that of 100ul PCR reaction of Roche platform - Saving huge costs
The low concentration of detection mix is further achieved with unique reconstitution/dilution buffer to improve the PCR efficacy.