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Basmati Rice (DNA) Purity Testing PCR Kit

Ensuring integrity of raw food materials, ingredients, and products is both a product quality and regulatory compliance concern is a paramount for any supplier. Food suppliers and manufacturers may suffer economic and legal damages if proven to be supplying incorrectly labeled products.

Basmati rice is a very special type of aromatic rice known world-wide for its extra-long grains and pleasant and distinct aroma. Traditional Basmati rice is often reported to be adulterated with crossbred Basmati varieties and long-grain non-Basmati varieties in the export market.

Mylab Discovery Solutions offers SYBR green real-time PCR for detection of DNA of adulterant in testing samples.

DNA of adulterant in the samples is detected by real-time PCR using primers amplifying a short stretch of putative betaine-aldehyde dehydrogenase gene that shows an 8 bp deletion in aromatic rices mainly Basmati in comparison to nonaromatic rices.

Amplification with a forward primer and a reverse primer with the latter binding to the seven of the eight bases deleted in Basmati varieties (GATTATGG), produces an 80 bp amplicon only in nonaromatic rice. A rice endogenous control is amplified in a separate reaction for quality check of DNA extraction and real time PCR.

Basmati Rice Testing Kit Features

Agrodex Basmati Adulteration Detection Kit Contents

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# Product Cat. No. Reaction size/kit
1 Agrodex- Basmati Adulteration Detection Kit ABD25 25
2 Agrodex- Basmati Adulteration Detection Kit ABD50 50
3 Agrodex- Basmati Adulteration Detection Kit ABD100 100

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