Multi-Meat Species Identification Kit

Chicken, Turkey & Cattle Meat Testing PCR Kit

The authenticity of food is currently a major issue for researchers, consumers, industries and policy makers at all levels of the production process. Particularly in the meat industry, products from game animals are susceptible targets for fraudulent labelling due to the economic profit that results from selling cheaper meat as meat from more profitable and desirable species. Apart from meat species adulteration, illegal poaching of endangered game species may take place contributing to threat of wildlife populations.

Species authentication of meat products plays a major role in traceability, quality, and safety purposes. Species substitution or cross-contamination can indeed lead to regulatory noncompliance, religious concerns, or allergic issues.

The identification of meat also allows consumers to reassure that the meat they purchase is unadulterated, properly labelled, and safe. This may be of importance in various communities where the consumption of certain meats is prohibited. Thus preventing adulteration of meat foodstuffs with less desirable or objectionable meat species is important for economic, regulatory health and cultural reasons. Mylab Discovery Solutions offers real time PCR based identification of chicken, turkey and beef in raw and cooked meat products.

VetScreen Meat Testing Kit Description

Mylab Discovery Solutions VetScreenTM MultiMeat Species Identification Kit provides in vitro nucleic acid amplification test for specific identification of chicken, turkey and cattle. The test includes a panel of oligonucleotide primers and dual labeled hydrolysis probe for the in vitro qualitative real time PCR detection of animal species in raw and cooked meat products. Validated primers, hydrolysis probes as well as hot start Taq polymerase for detection ensures that kit leads to highly specific and sensitive results in short time. The test includes heterologous amplification system (Internal Control) to identify possible PCR inhibition and to confirm the specimen and reagent integrity.

Note: The kit is intended to use for veterinary purpose only

Most Reliable Multi-Meat Detection Kit Features

VetScreen RT PCR Meat Testing Kit Contents

Order Information for VetScreen Multi-Meat Species Identification Kit

# Product Column Based Magnetic Bead Based CompactXL Reaction size/kit
1 VetScreen™ Multi-Meat Species Identification Kit VMMC50 VMM50 VMMX50 50
2 VetScreen™ Multi-Meat Species Identification Kit VMMC100 VMM100 VMMX100 100

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