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Pork Detection RT-PCR Kit

VetScreen Pork detection Kit enables the simple and reliable detection of pork in food and feed samples. The method works by detection of porcine, DNA by real-time PCR. The Pork detection Kit detects both raw and processed pork and provides sensitivity down to 0.01% porcine DNA. The included positive control, which comprises 0.1% porcine DNA, can be used as a reference to set the threshold of detection of the assay
  • Simple-real-time PCR based assay, no electrophoresis needed
  • Flexible-porcine DNA detected in any food or feed sample, both raw and processed
  • Reliable-Internal Positive Control (IPC) provides process control check for PCR inhibitors
  • Fast-from sample to result in the same day

Pork Testing Kit Features

  • Standardized protocol with high performance
  • Includes all the reagents required to perform DNA to Result analysis. No additional reagents needed.
  • Easy workflow with ready-to-use solutions for “Direct to customer”
  • Inclusion of positive and negative controls for quality check
  • Inclusion of internal control gene to assess the performance of both Nucleic acid extraction and real time PCR

Most reliable Pork Kit Details

Porcine DNA detection is accomplished by real-time PCR using the supplied primer/probe set specific for porcine. The target sequence, detected in the specific dye channel, is not only specific for pork, but also stable. Also included in each reaction mix is an internal positive control, which is used to verify the absence of PCR inhibitors. By performing a separate reaction with the included positive control, users are able to verify the system and assay are working correctly. More importantly, it enables easy data interpretation. The positive control is provided as 0.1% porcine DNA in a background of fish DNA, and by comparing sample results to the control results, a threshold of detection is provided.

VetScreen Pork Screening Kit Contents

  • Reagents required for Real Time PCR
  • Validated reaction controls
  • Plastic wares for Real Time PCR

Order Information for VetScreen Pork Detection Kit

# Product Cat. No. Reaction size/kit
1 VetScreen- Pork species Identification Kit VBIP25 25
2 VetScreen- Pork species Identification Kit VBIP50 50
3 VetScreen- Pork species Identification Kit VBIP100 100