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EGFR Mutation Screening Kit

EGFR gene in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is predictive of response to treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs)].These mutations are usually found in exons 18 through 21 of the TK domain of the EGFR and are either point mutations or in-frame small deletions or insertions.

Although more than 250 mutations of the EGFR have been described up to now, two variants, a single point mutation in exon 21, the L858R and exon 20 T790M in respectively account for 50% of all EGFR mutations.

In order to determine whether an EGFR TKI or chemotherapy is the appropriate first line therapy, guidelines recommend mutation testing for all patients with advanced NSCLC tumor and adenocarcinoma histology.

EGFR Mutation Detection kit Contents

  • Highly Sensitive Mutation Screening kit
  • Multiplex analysis with no need for optimization- Detects Wild and Mutant type in one go
  • Easy workflow with ready-to-use solutions and optimal quality control
  • Simple reaction setup and data interpretation
  • Includes all the reagent required to perform Sample to Result analysis no additional reagents needed.
  • Results aligned with Wild and Mutant controls included with the kit.
  • Low contamination risk – no post-PCR product handling
  • High-throughput and Fast – results in under 80 minutes after PCR start

SNP screening

EGFR SNP screening real-time PCR kit is a multiplex real-time PCR which uses a pair of primer with two fluorogenic probes based chemistry that uses the 5 ́ nuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase.

This protocol is successfully used to detect single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which discriminates mutant allele from wild type in a single tube. In EGFR mutation screening test, two reactions per sample is performed for detection of utation L858R (2573T>G) and T790M (2369C>T). The kit includes all the reagents from sample to SNP detection.

A combination of robust reagents for DNA extraction from clinical samples and validated primers, hydrolysis probes as well as hot start Taq polymerase for SNP detection ensures that kit leads to highly specific and sensitive results in short

EGFR Mutation Detection kit Contents

  • Reagents for isolating DNA from Clinical samples
  • Reagents required for EGFR mutations screening on RTPCR
  • Validated reaction controls

Order Information for EGFR Mutation Detection kit

# Product Cat. No. Reaction size/kit
1 Oncoscreen EGFR Mutation Detection kit (L858R & T790M) OED25 25
2 Oncoscreen EGFR Mutation Detection kit (L858R & T790M) OED50 50