HAV & HEV RT PCR Detection Test Kit

HAV & HEV Pathodetect RT-PCR KIT

Waterborne viral diseases are major public health concern in both developing and developed nations and accounts for far-reaching socio-economic implications. Enteric viruses are excreted in large numbers in faeces and can cause outbreaks resulting from contamination of water used for both drinking and recreational purpose or agricultural ⁄ food processing activities. Hepatitis A and E are common faeco-orally transmitted enteric viruses causing viral hepatitis.

Nucleic acid-based detection methods have been proved to be more effective then cell culture technique for detection of enteric viruses. The prerequisite for such analysis is an efficient, inexpensive and simple virus concentration method because the viruses may be present in very low numbers. Detection of these viruses in the concentrated samples by real time PCR technique is most sensitive and specific method. Virological analysis of water helps in estimation of the associated risk and survival capability of these viruses in water environments. 

Mylab HAV/HEV Quantitative PCR Kit

Mylab PathoDetectTM HAV and HEV RT PCR Detection test is an in vitro diagnostic test, based on real time PCR technology, for the detection of HAV/HEV specific RNA encompassing all the major viral genotypes.

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