Leptospira Detection Kit

PathoDetect Leptospira Detection kit

Leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonosis, caused by various species of Leptospira. Humans are accidental hosts and typically acquire the infection from direct contact with water contaminated with the urine of small mammals.

Some Leptospira are harmless saprophytes that reside in the environment, while others are pathogenic. Pathogenic species comprise L. interrogans, L. borgpetersenii. L. alexanderi, L. alstonii, L. inadai, L. fainei, L. kirschneri, L. licerasiae, L. noguchi, L. santarosai, L. terpstrae, L. weilii and L. wolffii though L. interrogans is the main causative agent for leptospirosis. Symptoms of acute infections include fever, shivering, muscle tenderness, vomiting and rapid dehydration.

The reference standards for the diagnosis of leptospirosis are bacterial culture and serological microscopic agglutination testing (MAT). These tests are both resource intensive and cannot provide results in a clinically meaningful timeframe. Early rapid molecular diagnosis of this disease is essential to
treat the illness before any serious complications arise.

Product Description

Mylab Discovery Solutions offers PathoDetect Leptospira Detection kit for detection of pathogenic Leptospira spp. and its discrimination to L. interrogans. Bacterial DNA can be extracted from various sample types as blood, plasma or urine. Multiplex real time PCR is carried out to detect pathogenic Leptospira pp. and L. interrogans in a single tube.

An exogenous internal control is provided along with the kit which is detected simultaneously as sample validity control for sample extraction and PCR inhibition. The test is highly sensitive and specific allowing detection of minimal quantities of Leptospira

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1 PathoDetect Leptospira detection kit PLSD50 50
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