About CoviSwiftTM

CoviSwift™ is the world’s first point of care high throughput solution for Covid-19, that can be used at small labs, in-hospital labs, airports, villages allowing gold standard high throughput testing anywhere. The solution comprises the CoviSwift™ assay and Compact-Q machines which process 16 samples within 40 minutes, which is approximately 4 times faster than the traditional method of RT-PCR testing while maintaining the gold standard accuracy.

Key Features

Swift Assay

Sample collection to results within 40 Mins

Multi-Gene Detection

CoviSwift™ COVID-19 S plus Rapid PCR kit gives the additional benefit of S gene detection.

Standard Accuracy

CoviSwift™ is highly sensitive and specific for COVID-19 detection. (Gold standard RT PCR method)

Easy & Efficient

  • CoviSwift™ is intelligently designed for single use format eliminating inventory management
  • Eliminating the need of cold storage and shipment at room temperature thus enabling the need for cold storage and cold shipment.


CoviSwift’s brilliantly designed assay enables quick easy and efficient operation eliminating contamination concerns.

Pipette Free

CoviSwift™ completely eliminates the need of pipette and technical experts as well as requirement of pipette and liquid handling

CoviSwiftTM Delivers

Rapid plug and play PoC real time PCR test
Ordering Information Reaction Size Kit 25 50 100
Catalogue No. CCSRP25 CCSRP50 CCSRP100

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