Magnetic Bead Based DNA Purification

Maverick Magnetic Bead-Based RNA-DNA Purification

Maverick Magnetic Bead-based Extraction kit is designed for manual or automated extraction of viral DNA and RNA allowing for simultaneous viral nucleic acid purification from human plasma, serum, cell swabs, urine and other bodily liquids. The kit is ideal for high-throughput sample processing delivering consistent yields and robust performance. After lysis of the sample, nucleic acids are selectively bound to magnetic Beads. Contaminants are washed away, and the DNA can be eluted from the beads under low-salt conditions. Since the magnetic bead technology provides a closed system (no transfer of sample from one well to another during the preparation), the risk for cross contamination is reduced.

Maverick magnetic bead-based technology utilizes proprietary high capacity paramagnetic beads optimized to isolate nucleic acids with superior purity and yields compared to other kits on the market. Due to large total surface area, Maverick magnetic beads exhibit high binding capacity, resulting in superior nucleic acid yields and recovery rate. Uniform bead size and shape ensure robust performance and consistent results with less sample-to-sample variation. Maverick magnetic beads are highly stable in solution and respond rapidly to an applied magnetic field making Maverick magnetic bead based nucleic acid purification kits an ideal choice for high-throughput automation.

Magnetic Bead Based DNA purification Features


The Mangatract magnetic stand is optimized for efficient magnetic separation of all types of magnetic beads in small sample volumes, in 12 places in one stand.

The Mangatract magnet stand combines a strong magnetic attraction for efficient separations in standard microcentrifuge tubes with a flexible and smart ergonomic design.

Flexible and Ergonomic Design

The magnetic stand can be used with all types of beads for efficient isolation of proteins and nucleic acids. The 12 numbered sample spaces make this magnet ideal for parallel handling of multiple samples. Every step of extraction on magnetic particles is crucial, so it is important to choose the right equipment for effective purification.
Description Mangatract 12 places
Catalogues number MMS12
Tube volume 1.5 – 2ml