Mylab - September 2023

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Our IVD Director, Mr. Rajesh Patel, is now Dr. Rajesh Patel
Adding to the growing accolades, Mylab’s IVD Executive Director, Mr. Rajesh Patel, has achieved a significant milestone and is now addressed as Dr. Rajesh Patel. He has been conferred with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Transformational Leadership, in recognition of his outstanding achievements.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Rajesh Patel on this remarkable achievement and wish him continued success in all his future personal and professional!
News From Field
Successful IVD Installations & Services in Multiple Stations around the country
Mylab has made a significant impact in the diagnostic market by successfully installing IVD instruments in various regions. Our IVD segment, encompassing products MyBio S and MyCount 340, has reached every corner of the country, providing advanced and cutting-edge diagnostic technology to the masses.
Successful Installations carried out by Mylab:

MyBio S is a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer designed to quantitatively measure various biochemical parameters in the human body. This versatile device offers multiple assays and channels, enhancing productivity and simplifying operations for healthcare professionals.

Introducing MyCount 340, an automated hematology analyzer specially designed to enhance throughput in low and mid-size volume laboratories and hospitals. With its compact design and user-friendly features, MyCount 340 is an indispensable addition to all types of laboratories.

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ORS Health Care Limited, the First HTP in Varanasi

Mylab is delighted to add a new member to the list of growing healthtech partners. In July, Mylab partnered with ORS Health Care Limited of Suvidha Diagnostics in the land of devotion and the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi.

ORS Health Care Limited, Varanasi, is known for its precise diagnostic facilities in serving the spiritual land of Varanasi. Joining hands with Mylab as a healthtech partner will help in transforming ORS Health Care into one of the fastest-growing clinical laboratories in India.

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Dr. Rawal’s Diagnostic & Research Lab, Virar, Fifth HTP in Mumbai

Mylab has joined hands with its fifth healthtech partner in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. With a vision to expand laboratories with advanced technology-driven diagnostics, Mylab partnered with Dr. Rawal’s Diagnostic & Research Lab in Virar, Mumbai.

Dr. Rawal’s Diagnostic & Research Lab is an eminent diagnostic laboratory in Virar. With Mylab as a healthtech partner, the laboratory has planned to build and amplify its avenues from molecular to in-vitro diagnostics to provide faster & accurate solutions for consumers.

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NABL Recommendations: July 2023
Four healthtech partners obtained NABL accreditation in July 2023.