Mylab - September 2023

News From R & D
Mylab gets Manufacturing License for MyNeoShield, Newborn Screening Test

Newborn screening is a highly recommended approach to identify metabolic or congenital risks in infants, crucially contributing to minimizing long-term impairments and promoting the healthy development of newborns.

News From R & D
Mylab launches MyBox+, India’s First Dry Luminescence Assay Diagnostic Device

Mylab launched Mybox+ diagnostic device with a range of Dry-LIA tests including Thyroid panel (T-3, T-4, TSH), Cardiac marker (Troponin), and biomarker (CRP, D-Dimer).

News From R & D
Dr. Minal Dakhave Publishes an Article on Sepsis & Antimicrobial Resistance in the Journal of Virology & Vaccine Development

Dr. Minal Dakhave and her colleagues made a significant contribution to the field of fast-track diagnostics by publishing a journal article focused on the Fast-track Diagnostic Requisite for Sepsis and its Antimicrobial Resistance in Low Resource Settings.

News From R & D
Dr. Minal Dakhave Delivers An Expert Talk on ‘Emerging Technologies in POC Diagnostics for Disease Monitoring’.

The foundation of devising suitable treatment and prevention strategies for managing disease burden lies in disease monitoring. In this context, on July 26, 2023, Dr. Minal Dakhave delivered a talk on ‘Emerging Technologies in Point-of-Care Diagnostics’ during a high-end workshop sponsored by SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board).

News From R & D
Dr. Shrikant Pawar from Mylab shines in the C-CAMP Quest focused on the AMR domain and ESKAPE Pathogens

Renowned for recognizing innovative ideas and solutions in the AMR domain, this year, the C-CAMP AMR Quest centred around ESKAPE pathogens and their development and commercialization.

News From R & D
The NIPER's Idea Competition awarded the Mylab Oncoplayers with the prestigious Winning Badge

At the beginning of July 2023, our Serology Department, in the IDEA competition as ‘Mylab OncoPlayers’ during the ‘3 DAYS WORKSHOP & HANDS ON TRAINING ON PAPER-BASED MICROFLUIDICS AND LATERAL FLOW DEVICES’ conducted by Department of Medical Devices, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hyderabad.

Embodying the spirit of the phrase “Many Hands Make Work Lighter,” Mylab Oncoplayers won the Winning Badge, Certificates & Souvenirs for their collaborative presentation of the ingenious concept, “Microfluidic-based Detection of HPV.” Their teamwork and resourcefulness were key factors that impressed the judges and earned them well-deserved accolades.

Congratulations to the Serology team for this monumental feat & wish them many more accolades ahead.
News From R & D
Mylab to manufacture HPV High-risk Detection Kits and Respiratory Panel

Following the remarkable success of HPV detection kits for Type 16 & 18 and the extended monsoon fever panel, Mylab will begin the production of HPV High-risk Detection Kits and Respiratory Viral & Bacterial panels.

News From R & D
Mylab introduces Dry-LIA-based Tests & Other Tests

Mylab has introduced a range of Dry Luminescence Immunoassay based tests including hCG, Dengue IgG/IgM, HbA1c & Thyroid panel to U-Albumin & Vitamin D tests.