Mylab - September 2023

Regulatory Approval
ICMR approves Cy-TB, the Latent TB test made by the Serum Institute of India

Mylab is stoked to announce the approval of Cy-TB, the cutting-edge third-generation test for latent TB infection (LTBI) by Serum Institute of India. This remarkable test represents one of the latest breakthroughs in LTBI diagnosis and presents a novel approach to the TB skin test. Having fast, accurate, and cost-effective molecular diagnostic capabilities, the Cy-TB test marks a significant advancement in the field.

Considering the crucial goal of TB elimination, the testing and treatment of LTBI hold utmost importance. With the advent of Cy-TB, we are now equipped with a powerful tool to further this mission and enhance our efforts to combat TB.

Regulatory Approval
Mylab to Manufacture new POC Instruments & Influenza Detection Kit
Mylab has received regulatory approval to produce an array of cutting-edge diagnostic devices, including Swayam – Multipurpose Health Analyser, Swapid, MyCube FIA Analyzer, and Human Influenza Detection Kit. These advanced devices are designed to streamline diagnostics for both laboratories and patients, offering a seamless experience. Incorporating groundbreaking technology, they significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic results, marking a significant step forward in the field of medical diagnostics.