TBconnect Privacy Policy

Mylab Discovery Solutions provides the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Applications (“App”). Throughout this Privacy Notice, references to “Mylab Discovery Solutions,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” mean the company Mylab Discovery Solutions, headquartered at, Plot No. 99-B, Lonavala, Industrial Co-operative Estate Ltd., Nangargaon, Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra 410401, India.

We recognize the importance of data protection and privacy and are committed to protecting personal information, including health-related information. This Privacy Notice describes how personal information relating to the TBCONNECT Tests, including health-related information, is collected and used by Mylab Discovery Solutions and authorized Users of the Services.

Please read this Privacy Notice carefully before registering to use the Services as it applies to the processing, transfer, distribute and storage of personal information, including health-related data by Mylab Discovery Solutions and certain affiliated entities as described below. It also applies to the processing of personal information by our affiliated entities and by our processors if required to resolve a customer service issue related to these Services.

By registering and using these Services, you accept this Privacy Notice and you:

  • affirm that you are of legal age to accept this Privacy Notice; and
  • that you are agreeing either on your own behalf or on behalf of another individual for whom you have actual authority to legally accept this Privacy Notice.



About Us
Mylab Discovery Solutions is the creator of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP System. MYLAB is a dynamic Biotechnology company, that develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic detection kits, to empower labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable answers. We offer a wide range of solutions applicable in diverse markets including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, biomedical research, Agri genomics and animal and food safety. We operate on an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified facility under 98/79/EC Full Quality Assurance Systems
About the Services
The MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Applications (“Apps”) facilitate the sharing of information relating to TB test results. The system includes the following components:

MYLAB TBCONNECT APP App – Manages user registration for testing. The MYLAB TBCONNECT APP App stores the User’s digital MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Pass. For a User to register and set-up a MYLAB TBCONNECT APP user account, the User will need to enter personal information into the App, including full name, gender, date of birth, phone number, full address, email address and other personal information.

For the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Apps, please keep “Notifications” “ON” to receive status updates and reminders. You must keep your mobile device connected to Wi-Fi or to cellular/mobile data.

Please Note: If a Business / Enterprise User or Testing Facility uses the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP System to process data regarding tests, such collection, use, and sharing of personal data will be subject to the provisions of any privacy notice, policy, or terms of use of the Business / Enterprise User or Testing Facility.
Collection and Processing of Your Personal Information
The following categories of User personal information are processed for MYLAB TBCONNECT APP App (including for dependents through legal guardian’s managed profile):

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Patient relation
  • Gender
  • Aadhar Number
  • Email
  • Occupation
  • Phone verification with OTP
  • Address
  • Country
  • State
  • District
  • Pincode
  • Downloaded Aarogya Setu

Mylab may need to access this personal information to support and maintain the Apps and Services and to provide the Testing Facility with the Services.
Mylab’s Use of Your Personal Information
Mylab Discovery Solutions processes personal information, including testing information, for the following purposes:

  • To report the results to ICMR or any other regulatory body as required per the law of land at that time.
  • To keep a record of a User’s contact with Mylab Discovery Solutions when the User contacts Mylab directly
  • To provide services to the users, including technical support and to share promotional offers in interest of consumers
  • To track Apps usage so Mylab Discovery Solutions can improve content and functionality.
  • Where required by applicable laws governing the use of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP system, including for the purposes of applicable regulatory requirements, quality management, including product development and improvement, safety, performance, and vigilance;
  • where necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims; and
  • as otherwise required by applicable law. 

Non-Personal Information Relating to MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Services

Non-personal information is information that does not identify a person individually. Non-personal information relating to a MYLAB TBCONNECT APP user is information collected from the user.

Mylab’s Use of Non-Personal Information Relating to MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Service

Mylab uses non-personal information relating to a MYLAB TBCONNECT APP App user to collect general information about visitors. Non-personal information is used by Mylab Discovery Solutions and is shared with third parties to:

  • Improve Mylab Discovery Solutions’ products, services, and Web portal content;
  • Generate information about portal visitors to improve portal performance; and
  • Personalize information and services for visitors that return to the portal.
Data Storage
We receive data input into the Apps and the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Web Portal (user ID and password) before it is securely transferred and stored in cloud servers, which are located in India. We have implemented appropriate security measures and controls to protect personal information.
Other Legal Requirements
Mylab may use personal information where legally required, we will de-identify, pseudonymize, aggregate and/or anonymize information to comply with our legal obligations as the manufacturer of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP System.

In such case, this information will be securely held by Mylab Discovery Solutions and will not be used to identify you individually by your name or email address outside of Mylab Discovery Solutions’ use of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP System, except where we are under a legal obligation to include this information. Where such use of personal information is subject to legal requirements, we do not require consent.

The legal requirements for which Mylab Discovery Solutions will use this information are:

  • To monitor and improve the quality, security and effectiveness of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP systems
  • To validate upgrades, and to keep the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP system and/or related mobile applications safe and secure;
  • To perform broader analysis to detect systemic issues for public interest in the area of public health;
  • To develop and test the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP system, including new and existing features and functionality and to test and improve the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP system and/or related applications for product development; and
  • Where otherwise required by law, including to respond to any competent regulatory, law enforcement body, governmental authorities, to address national security or epidemics, judicial proceeding, court order, government request or legal process served on us

In some contexts, Mylab Discovery Solutions will use your Personal Information where we have a legal obligation to do so or to protect your vital interests or those of another person:

  • Prevent, detect and investigate potentially prohibited or illegal activities, including fraud, and enforcing our terms (such as determining free trial eligibility);
  • Confirming your identity if you are exercising legal rights;
  • Notify you about changes in the Terms of Use or in this Privacy Notice;
  • Carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us/our distributor.
Retention of Personal Information
  • Personal information collected via the Services will be retained for purposes of the User TB testing program as well as necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Additional use of personal information by Mylab Discovery Solutions beyond the User’s review of TB testing will be disclosed prior to Mylab Discovery Solutions’s further use of the personal information.
  • Generally, personal account information and will be deleted after one (2) year of inactivity by the user. Test result information will be deleted one (1) year after date of creation in MYLAB TBCONNECT APP. Deletion may be subject to other legal or regulatory requirements.
  • We may retain some of your Personal Information as necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as fraud detection and prevention and enhancing safety. For example, if we suspend a Platform account for fraud or safety reasons, we may retain certain information from that account to prevent that user from opening a new account in the future.
  • We may retain and use your Personal Information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations. For example, we may keep some of your information for tax, legal reporting and auditing obligations.
Disclosure of Personal Information by Us
We will never sell personal information to third parties for commercial purposes. We may share the personal information as follows:

  • With third-party suppliers solely to provide, maintain, host, and support the Services. Where we provide personal information to third-party suppliers to assist us with the provision of the Services, they are required to keep your personal information confidential and secure and to use personal information to the minimum extent necessary.
  • Where possible, Mylab Discovery Solutions uses third party service providers to report system errors so that we can support and improve the Services. In such instances, the information sent to such third parties will not involve the use of personal information.
  • MYLAB TBCONNECT APP may collect location information using smartphone location services functionality when a smartphone camera is used to verify that a test has been performed.
  • Smartphone location services often include features that collect a User’s precise location data, including GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower IDs. This information may be collected by an application’s location services if a User grants access to his or her location.
  • We reserve the right to disclose your personal information to respond to authorised information requests from government authorities, to address national security situations, or when otherwise required by law.
  • Mylab may disclose information when requested by state and central governmental authorities or related entities to assist in efforts to track TB-19 infections.
  • Furthermore, where permitted or required by law, we may also disclose the information we collect from user where we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the safety of any person, violations of this Privacy Notice, or as evidence in litigation in which we are involved.
Security of Personal Information
Mylab Discovery Solutions has implemented appropriate security controls within the Services to protect personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, or access.

Information collected via the Services is encrypted before transmission to ensure that it will remain secure and confidential. The Services include various security measures to enhance the security of your profile and to prevent unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, personal information. Only those authorized by the User, Mylab Discovery Solutions will have access to a User’s profile and only through unique IDs and passwords.

Please be aware that the Services may be unavailable during periods of routine maintenance
How Mylab Discovery Solutions Protects Children’s Privacy
Children may be tested using MYLAB TBCONNECT APP, under proper guidance. At any time, a parent/guardian may stop the collection of a child’s personal information, including health-related information, by contacting Mylab Discovery Solutions involved in TB testing and requesting that the account be deleted. This action will delete the account associated with the child, but Mylab Discovery Solutions will retain aggregated and de-identified information and may need to retain certain personal information as required by law.
Deleting Your MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Account
If you would like to delete your MYLAB TBCONNECT APP account, you may do so by contacting us at care@mylabglobal.com. Please be aware that if you delete your account, we will retain aggregated and de-identified information and may need to retain certain personal information as required by law.
Contact Us
If you have questions, concerns or complaints about your personal information in the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP System or wish to exercise your data protection rights, please contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in one of our websites or emailing us at privacy@mylabglobal.com Alternatively, you may write to us at:

Attn: Mylab Discovery Solutions
Changes to this Privacy Notice
This Privacy Notice is subject to change from time to time. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify the terms of this Privacy Notice from time to time in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws or in response to changing regulatory or operational requirements (“Updated Terms”). The Updated Terms shall be effective immediately (unless we state otherwise) and shall supersede the terms of this Privacy Notice. We will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Notice if the changes significantly affect your rights or as may be required by law. Your continued use of the MYLAB TBCONNECT APP Applications after any updates will mean you have accepted those changes. If you do not agree to the updates you should stop using the Service and cancel your subscription. This Privacy Notice is kept under regular review. If we make material changes to our privacy practices, an updated version of this Privacy Notice will reflect those changes.

Without prejudice to your rights under applicable law, we reserve the right to update and amend this Privacy Notice without prior notice to reflect technological advancements, legal and regulatory changes and good business practices to the extent that it does not change the privacy practices as set out in this Privacy Notice.