DrugDecide OncoDrug Panels

DrugDecide OncoDrug Panels


Individual variability in drug efficacy and drug safety is a major challenge in current clinical practice, drug development, and drug regulation. Pharmacogenomics and personalised drug therapy, both are increasingly influencing cancer treatment, recently. Personalized therapy for cancer is one in which the chemotherapy regimen is chosen based partly on genetic tests of the patient. In majority cases, presence of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the sequence of the genes encoding proteins that are involved in metabolism of anti-cancer drug are attributed to inter individual variability in drug response.

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DrugDecide series provides allelic discrimination real time PCR which uses a pair of primer with two fluorogenic probes based chemistry that discriminates mutant allele from wild type in a single tube. The kit includes all the reagents from sample to SNP detection. A combination of robust reagents for DNA extraction from clinical samples and validated primers, hydrolysis probes as well as hot start Taq polymerase for SNP detection ensures that kit leads to highly specific and sensitive results in short time.

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The clinical annotation level of evidence of all SNP’s in Drug Decide Kits are above Moderate (level 2) to High (level1). Variants from Level 3 and 4 are not included as there is no statistically significant association established for these level variant-drug combinations.

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