NASOVAC-S4: India’s First Needle-free and Painless Seasonal Flu Vaccine

0 Billion
Estimated 1 billion cases of influenza occur globally
5%- 0 %
Annual attack rate estimated at 5%-10% in adults and 20%-30% in children
1/5 & 1/ 0
Estimated to infect unvaccinated population 1 in 5 children & 1 in 10 adults
Source: WHO


Introducing NASOVAC-S4, India’s FIRST quadrivalent needle-free influenza (seasonal flu) vaccine. Covers 2 Type A (H1N1 and H3N2) & 2 Type B (Victoria and Yamagata lineage)


NASOVAC-S4 Product Details

NASOVAC-S4 is a live attenuated quadrivalent vaccine that protects from four virus strains
A single intranasal dose of 0.5 ml, administered as 0.25 ml per nostril
Storage Requirement
Storage Requirements: Store in a refrigerator at 2ºC – 8ºC. Do not freeze

NASOVAC-S4 Administration Method

Administering NASOVAC-S4 is simple and convenient. Follow these easy steps

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