Mylab Launches CoviSwift™

Mylab Launches CoviSwift™: World’s first high throughput Point of Care Testing Solution for Covid-19

  • Being a Point of Care solution, will enable small labs and collection centers to do Covid-19 testing. May increase testing capacity in India from 3000 labs to 60,000 labs
  • Fastest protocol in the world, developed and patented by Mylab. Processes 16 samples in 40 minutes, from swab to report.
  • Unlike “Fast PCR” platforms – which uses LAMP/Isothermal technology and not gold standard RT-PCR – CoviSwift has high accuracy and sensitivity and is suitable for airports and hospitals.
January 2022 | Pune
Leading the innovation on Covid-19 diagnostics, Mylab Discovery Solutions today announced the approval and launch of CoviSwift – the world’s first point of care high throughput solution for Covid-19. CoviSwift is the first POC testing solution that can be used at small labs, in-hospital labs, airports, villages and allow gold standard testing at high throughputs anywhere. The solution comprises the CoviSwift assay and Compact-Q machines which process 16 samples within 40 minutes. This is approximately 4 times faster than the traditional method of RT-PCR testing while maintaining the gold standard accuracy.

Hasmukh Rawal, managing director of Mylab said, ”With this solution, we have solved many age-old problems in RT-PCR testing. For example, RT-PCR test components need to be stored and transported at -20 degrees at all times, but the CoviSwift test will be stored and transported at room temperature. This means RT-PCR testing can now reach small towns and villages where cold chains are not available or electricity is not continuously available. We have applied for a series of patents on underlying technologies and we believe this solution will change the face of molecular diagnostics for years to come. We will continue to be at frontfront of innovation and bring timely solutions for our healthcare system.”

Infrastructure has been a problem in expanding the reach of RT-PCR in India. RT-PCR labs need to have special medical grade clean rooms – but this POC test can be done in a regular lab, in hospitals or even makeshift labs at Airports / SEZ / Universities. The machine is similar to the size of a regular toaster used in kitchens and can be used like a plug-n-play device. Unlike the traditional RT-PCR which needs highly trained technicians who can handle reagents at one hundredths of a drop, the kit comes with patented tubes and can be handled by anyone.

Mylab has developed software to interpret the results automatically without any expertise in molecular diagnostics. The user just needs to take the nasal sample into tubes, mix and put into the Compact Q, as simple as a self-test. Mylab will launch this in a pack of single tests with all components so that labs do not need to manage reagent storage and logs. CoviSwift comes with a shelf life of 24 months at room temperature – the first in its category – making it a truly made FOR India product.

Technically, CoviSwift is driven by RT-PCR gold standard technology, unlike Rapid PCR methods which are LAMP based and are currently used at Airport. Rapid PCR / LAMP is usually single gene based, whose in-field accuracy nowhere close to RT-PCR gold standard. This will ensure that now ports of entry have a reliable solution of testing and limit the spread of next variants in the future from other countries or within the country. The test is expected to be available in the market early February.

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